Books I've Read this 2022

    I haven’t read that many books this year. For 2023, I hope I would be able to improve my reading habit. The following below are the books I’ve read (finished). Checkmate in Berlin: The Cold War Showdown That Shaped the Modern World Beastie Boys Book The Gotti Wars: Taking Down America’s Most Notorious Mobster Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming Over Time UNIX: A History and a Memoir Three Assassins by Kōtarō Isaka Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion

    My Personal Feedbin Reader - v0.2.1

    The name of my personal Feedbin reader is called FeedMe. The more I worked on it the more it feels like this is not an RSS reader app, but a food or recipe app. v0.2.1 Release I finally fixed the format alignment in the feed view. And, the mark as read button is now located at the bottom. For easier reach with anyone who has small hands. There is still more work to do and I am currently enjoying iterating on the fixes, improvements and features.

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    My personal Feedbin Reader - v0.2

    In three days, I developed my own Feedbin Reader since the official one is not written in native. In other words, it feels so slow. First commit was on December 7, 2022. The app is written in SwiftUI and I am just blown away by how fast you could create an iOS app. Compared with Storyboarding or UIKit. I open sourced for my future reference. There’s still so much to work on it, so many bugs and critical ones but for now, it is functional for my everyday use.

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    Philippines Top 10 In Pivoting to Clean Energy

    According to MIT, the Philippines is one of the countries pivoting towards clean energy. Perhaps we are the only one throughout Southeast Asia? Good to know our leaders here, and past, are not climate change deniers.

    Updating old Android codebase

    An old client of mine contacted me to fix some bugs and the tricky part was that I have to update an Android codebase that hasn’t been updated in 3 years. I have updated from v3.6.4 to v4.2.2. And from v4.2.2 to v7.3.1. This is how old the codebase is.

    GCF on Hacker News

    In high school, in me and my brother’s room, I had a vandal of a phrase on my wall saying On the streets saving the scene from the forces of evil It came from Good Clean Fun’s hardcore album of the same name. It was one of my favorite albums growing up. About 2 weeks ago, I came upon a username issa on Hacker News and was talking about some hardcore riffs.

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    Android Studio Render Problem

    If you encounter a Render Problem issue on your Android Studio, like the one below. The solution I came up with is to use the Material Styles as your app theme. 1 2 <style name="AppTheme" parent="@style/Theme.Material3.Light"> </style>

    Reddit Gift

    Reddit made an error with their Premium and in turn, they gifted me with 21,000 coins. I would never expect them to even respond or solve this issue.

    Android Job Post Nostalgia

    Just found this photo of a newspaper ad for an Android Developer job post. This was my first break in the mobile development industry. This was published back in October 2011. I emailed them my application and was interviewed the next month. And was hired, if I remember correctly, the same month in November that year. Amazing, I still have that email sent saved. This is the source code of the app I developed for the demo for the technical interview.

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    Xcode 14.1 Beta 3 New Splash?

    I just saw this new Xcode splash screen for the first time. This popped up on Xcode 14.1 Beta 3. I’m surprised this wasn’t included in Xcode 14.0? Had to confirm it on Reddit.

    One of the Top Mobile Developers in Cebu

    Before this gets purged on the internet or LinkedIn. Back in 2018, someone messaged me on LinkedIn that I was chosen as one of the top mobile developers in Cebu. Flattered of course. Thanks! But unfortunately, the project was scrapped.

    Weekend Project:

    My personal project for this weekend is to migrate my portfolio from my old WordPress blog to my current one. Export First, I exported my content using WordPress admin. And was saved into a folder in XML format. WordPress XML to Markdown I then used this handy library for migrating all the pages to Markdown. Curl Option At first I was downloading each image individually, and it seems I have more than 50 images to process.

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    My Wife's Pregnancy Journey

    Just happen to see this picture again in my photo library and I am still amazed at how strong my wife is. These were her medications after her C-section. I can’t even take two medicines in a day without losing my shit. So proud of her!

    SwiftUI: How to use NavigationStack inside the .toolbar

    First, why do I mostly find a solution after posting a Stackoverflow question? So most examples and tutorials only use NavigationStack and NavigationLink inside a List. I’m surprised by how nobody seems to implement using the .toolbar modifier. The solution was a little straightforward I found out. Instead of NavigationView, you use the new and shiny NavigationStack. And use .navigationDestination() instead of NavigationLink. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 @State private var goToSettings = false NavigationStack { ZStack { // Some more codes } .

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    BuildException Error

    Updated last night to the latest Android Studio Dolphin build but encountered this annoying build error from the JetBrains IDE. Invalidating cache and restarting seems to not work. Jetbrains seems to be clueless too. This bug has already taken much of my time. This is annoying. Edit: September 17 at 9:14PM It seems that the error went away after declining the “standalone script” option in Android Studio.

    Compiling iOS Project in GitHub Actions

    While setting up YAML with GitHub Actions, it seems the build failed. These are the steps I took to integrate GitHub Actions in our iOS project. It seems for CI/CD to work we have to create a Package.swift file in our project. Currently, we do it manually through Xcode’s Swift Package Manager. To create this Package.swift file, we need to run swift package init in the command line and it will create the following files.

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    OnlineJobs is iOS 16 Ready

    I just compiled our codebase to the latest Xcode 14 RC and everything looks good during testing. I am still not sure how I feel about the new iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island. It seems like a huge black unknown mass floating on the top. I am on a simulator though so, take my opinion with a grain of salt. With that being said, time to publish this build today and for Apple to review.

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    Our Son Turned 4

    Our kid turned 4 this week. We came back to the hotel where he was still tiny. Where we had to request a crib for our room. But now we can’t believe he’s 4 now! Sorry for the table shot, but I captured this perfect moment of them hugging. Our son is on the autism spectrum but it doesn’t mean he won’t show his appreciation and love to us. The next day’s aftermath, he can’t wait to play with his new toys.

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    Stackoverflow Chat Recent History Backup

    I just want to post my Stackoverflow recent chat history for nostalgic purposes. I hope that day never comes when Stackoverflow would also sunset their chat feature just like they did with developer profile. I joined the Android channel around 2012-ish. Hopefully, Stackoverflow would let me download the whole history one day.

    Legacy Android Library - Networking Valley

    7 years ago I open-sourced my first Android library on GitHub. And shared it to my fellow Android devs in Stackoverflow’s Android channel. This is for sure one of my favorite highlights of my career.

    Mixpanel Code Refactor

    Our app uses Mixpanel for analytical and strategic purposes. This post is about my refactoring journey. Mixpanel introduced another parameter in their getInstance() method called trackAutomaticEvents which is of a boolean data type. Now, this is the part that I didn’t anticipate because located throughout our codebase is this single line. 1 MixpanelAPI.getInstance(this, Constants.MIXPANEL_TOKEN).track("Log In") But right now it is broken since the proper way to implement on the new version is this.

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    Manjaro WTF!?

    Just today I read two bad news regarding Manjaro Linux. The first one is why you shouldn’t use Manjaro and the other one is why I left PINE64. Both articles went viral on Hacker News. On the same day. Same morning. I guess I better start looking for another distro.

    My First Professional Android Project

    I found my first “professional” Android project while backing up data from my old laptop. I called it a “birthday reminder” and this project was the one I demoed to the company I sent my application to. Now, I am unsure if I got the gig because the Android team lead was amazed by the project I demoed or because I am the only applicant. Yes, I was the only applicant for the job interview.

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    Be Nice To Your Mobile Developers

    We need more wholesome reviews like the photo below. I received this notification this morning and I don’t care if it is a bot (at least somebody took the time to target and review) or a real person. As long as it is a positive review. Mobile developers don’t get a lot of positive reviews lately. It’s just either someone threatens you on a personal level or tells you to quit your career and job.

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    Stay Safe Bug

    During the Covid pandemic, every country has its own app or service to help track and monitor citizens for infection. And to prevent spread. One of these was the Stay Safe app. Before being bought by the Philippine government, this was developed by a company called MultiSys. I have checked their website and that’s it. One thing I know is that their email doesn’t work. The Bug I don’t have a Stay Safe account but one thing I know is that they were using a third-party called Uploadcare for handling the assets.

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