Lawrence Gimenez

Post-Covid Vacation Part 2

Lucas has been settling well into his new morning routine and every car ride activity for the past few days. Last Friday, it was his first evening car ride. And he enjoyed the traffic lights countdown.

Weekend at Radisson

We checked in at Radisson Hotel for the weekend for my wife’s sister’s wedding. Luke’s first night went well without any tantrums. As a matter of fact, the whole weekend Luke did not fuss or cried.

Check out the view.

He was just chilling in the bed while both of our family and relatives took turns entertaining him. According to my wife, this might be the best hotel because everything is just convenient and child friendly. I agree and we both look forward to more staycation trips in the city. Of course, the cost is a little way out of our budget. But I try to look past it, this is our first vacation and we both deserve this since parenting during Covid times is just a nightmare.

Lucas went to the wedding reception, and he showed signs of annoyance at first because the sound system was too noisy. Overall, I could say he enjoyed the event and this is good for his exposure. He met several of my wife’s relatives too, we couldn’t thank them enough for the warm reception for Luke. Auntie Bebe sang twinkle little star to Luke and he loves it. The highlight of the night was when Luke pulled the mask on one of our aunties, I nervously apologized right away. But it was no biggy, I know it must have hurt her. Congratulations to Nice and Juretz!

Back in the hotel room, Luke showered with us which he has never done before. Maybe it was the warm water from the shower, or it was just him growing up right in front of our eyes.

After, we were so tired that the in-room food was mostly left untouched, humba rice and a couple of warm coffee drinks. My back and shoulder hurt so much from carrying Luke the whole night. At the end of the day I don’t mind, what matters is the exposure and events our son gets to experience and learn.

Luke went swimming in the pool

This is Luke’s second swimming pool experience. The first one, was when he was still a baby. After a while, Luke wasn’t afraid anymore to dip in the swimming pool. He played with his hands like he does in his bathtub. So proud of this young dude! We have to cut short his pool experience since it rained after. Looking forward to more staycations with pools in the near future!

Of course, it is time to go home and check out that noon. Week one concludes.