Lawrence Gimenez

My First Professional Android Project

I found my first “professional” Android project while backing up data from my old laptop. I called it a “birthday reminder” and this project was the one I demoed to the company I sent my application to.

Now, I am unsure if I got the gig because the Android team lead was amazed by the project I demoed or because I am the only applicant. Yes, I was the only applicant for the job interview. This was back in 2011.

You can find the code here if you are curious about what a 2011 Android project looks like.

To give you an overview, there was no Android Studio back then. You have to use Eclipse IDE and download the Android platform plugin.

Based on this file’s timestamp I created the project precisely on #Fri Oct 14 09:22:04 CST 2011. In Philippine time that is October 15 at 9:22 PM.

This project wasn’t even under any sort of version control. This project kicked off my Android development career as I was hired several weeks later.