Lawrence Gimenez

Post-Covid Vacation Part 3

A lot has happened this week.

Wedding Anniversary

Last Thursday was our wedding anniversary. We decided to bring Lucas to Ayala for the first time in more than 2 years.


It was Luke’s first time playing in Ayala’s Playhouse. Or his first time since the pandemic to play in a kid’s public playhouse. We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived. First few minutes, Luke’s uneasiness was apparent.

The playhouse wasn’t huge compared to Kidzona (the playhouse near our place). We were also expecting a slow day, but there were around 4-5 kids playing, and Luke is not yet accustomed to playing around with kids.

A few minutes in, Luke was still uncomfortable and doesn’t like to be put down on the floor. But we were able to find his spot.

Luke also explored the other sections and toys in the playhouse. At one point there were kids playing near him, but he didn’t fuss or anything. He just continued to play. We were so happy and proud of our little kiddo! Luke also got to play inside the playhouse with Nice and Juretz!

We didn’t last the whole hour since Luke got bored. As I was saying, the playhouse wasn’t that big and several of the toys have been damaged already.

Toy Shopping

Part of our agenda on that day was to buy toys for Luke. We went around Rustan’s toys section and Toys-R-Us. I was half-joking the other day that I would buy the first toy that Luke would show interest in or point to. Seconds into the Rustan’s store and Luke found the first toy he liked! That was quick lol! And more importantly, the toy was within our budget.

But my wife’s sister and his husband were the ones who paid for the toy. Thank you so much!

We went to Toys-R-Us after to look for his second toy. In the same scenario, it did not take too long for Luke to find another toy. He likes toys that are either alphabet, words, or numbers. And both of the toys he chose are in tablet form.

Lunch and poop

While we were waiting for our lunch orders, Luke pooped publicly. Luckily we were able to bring diapers. It was funny and at the same time, we were glad that he pooped since his mood will mostly depend on his comfort.

Lunch was great! It has an open sitting concept and more space for Lucas.

WWDC 2022

My work week was consumed mostly by Apple’s WWDC 2022 event. This is for another post, but I hope this time I will be able to catch up with most of the concepts and labs, and new stuff. At last year’s WWDC I was only able to watch the Keynote and a couple of developer videos.

Buffet with Family

Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s day in advance. We went back to Ferias at Radisson Hotel for their lunch buffet. For the first time in this vacation, Lucas allowed himself to sit on my lap. All he wants is to watch YouTube on my phone and play with his new toy which we bought the day before.

For the first time, I was able to eat in peace publicly with Luke. Also, he ran a lot in the lobby, in the restaurant, and in the hotel garden.

This is just halfway into our month-long vacation, I and my wife are very impressed with how Luke grew up and adjusted.

Here’s Lucas running away from the restaurant. 😂