Lawrence Gimenez

Post-Covid Vacation Part 1

Day 1

Today is the first time my family has gone out together for about 2 years before Covid hits, lockdown, etc.

We lived about 2-3 hours (with traffic) from the city. And as one of the effects of the Covid lockdown, our son hates the outdoors. We spent the past several months preparing him for this big day. Preparations like driving around town without freaking out. The last time we did this he cried, puked, and was seasick. So surprisingly, it only took him a day to adjust to the “car ride”. My wife and I can’t really explain the joy and relief of what was happening, on how quickly our son has adjusted to the situation.

We will be staying in the city for exactly one month. What led to this staycation was so we could attend the wedding of my wife’s sister. And hopefully, get several backlog errands done.

We also consulted a doctor on what medications for our son to take for the hour-long trip. 30 minutes before the trip, we had him drink vitamins with a drowsiness effect. It kinda worked, but not really at first. First few minutes, Lucas was in his hyperactive self. Then, first few minutes of the trip, he fell asleep. He woke up right after we got out of the car. He was cool, calm, and collected. Another surprise for us. This was his cue to go apeshit, cry, freak out and it never came.

By the time we went inside the room, he was just very curious the whole time.

Take-out Orders

From where we reside, the food delivery options are very limited because of the distance from the city and traffic. So during this vacation, we made a point to order foods from our favorites before lockdown.


We got a visit from my wife’s family too! Since they are just staying near us, about 5 minutes from where we are currently staying. After 2 years I finally got to eat Shakey’s Pizza, thanks to Vida’s fam!

My brother also visited us from the capital. He decides to use his 2 weeks vacation leave here in Cebu.

Vida’s First Mac

My wife just bought her first Mac machine after years of working on Windows. And after years of hesitating and pushing back.

Her first of many look-at-where-I-am-working-now posts.

Last but not least

Our son really likes it here too. He loves to run from end to end of the living room. He adjusted really well throughout our stay. I can’t describe how happy we are for our son.