Lawrence Gimenez

SwiftUI: How to use NavigationStack inside the .toolbar

First, why do I mostly find a solution after posting a Stackoverflow question?

So most examples and tutorials only use NavigationStack and NavigationLink inside a List. I’m surprised by how nobody seems to implement using the .toolbar modifier.

The solution was a little straightforward I found out.

Instead of NavigationView, you use the new and shiny NavigationStack. And use .navigationDestination() instead of NavigationLink.

@State private var goToSettings = false

NavigationStack {
   ZStack {
      // Some more codes
   .toolbar {
      Button(role: .destructive, action: {
         goToSettings = true
      }) {
         Label("Settings", systemImage: "gearshape.fill").foregroundColor(colorForeground)
   .navigationDestination(isPresented: $goToSettings, destination: {

I need to get more familiar with SwiftUI’s modifiers as it is still a little confusing for me.