Lawrence Gimenez

Google I/O 2022 Part 2

So far I have watched the Google I/O Keynote and What’s New With Android 13. And read a couple of blogs from the Android Developer team. Below are the things that caught my attention, or eyes.

Sundar is so thin

I apologize in advance but this was the first thing I noticed when he walked out on that stage. Maybe it’s just because of his attire. But he should be eating more. Look at his hands.

North Korean Google Employee?

She looks like a North Korean Spokesperson in this shot. Once again, I didn’t mean to.

Awesome Features

The Near Me feature is cool. I like it. Also skintones. Half of the keynote was mostly AI or ML, they were cool but really not my cup of tea. I can’t really relate since in my country most services are doing their businesses on Facebook. Must be cool to live in Silicon Valley.

New Google Wallet API

I’m so excited about this feature. If I get the time I will try to upload our basic-ass-looking Covid Vaccine card on a proof-of-concept app. This is what the card looks like.

Android Part Was Underwhelming

The second half of the Google I/O Keynote was about Android. For me, it was underwhelming. Plus the McClaren team cameo was so awkward, last time I checked both of the drivers hated each other right?

Pixel is cool but not available in my country

I sincerely hope Pixel 30A will be available to purchase during my lifetime.

Google Shades/Glasses was my favorite

I got teary-eyed watching the demo. So cool. I was able to try Google Glasses back then and it was so awesome.

Bug Tracking which one to use?

On the AS Beta version, Firebase Crashlytics has been integrated. Not sure how that works if I don’t use that SDK? I mainly use the Play Store’s crash report because the report is decent enough to understand. Why not integrate the Play Store’s crash report instead?

Can’t wait to migrate to Jetpack Compose

I decided to migrate our app to Jetpack Compose starting next year. I am excited about this one.

Google Play SDK Index if my feature feature

You know how hard it is to keep track of each dependencies' version. Hopefully, Google Play SDK Index will solve that problem. Is this integrated already on AS? Will it warn me if a dependency is very old? I’ll try to find out in the near future.

Logcat V2

I’m a Logcat person. Can’t wait to try it.

Baseline Profiles

Not sure what this is but I’m also excited.