Lawrence Gimenez

Familiarizing Linux Again

After more than 5 years on macOS, I’m excited that I get the chance to use Linux again.

My brother gave me his old Windows laptop. Since I figured it has 1TB of disk space in it, I decided to create a Linux partition. So I asked Silicon Valley’s best for help on which distro to install. There were no clear winners though.

I started out my career using Linux and Eclipse IDE for Android development. For some other jobs, I used Windows but never liked it for development purposes.

After some quick research, I downloaded Manjaro KDE.

Installation Failed

Yesterday, nothing worked. I tried burning the ISO images of Kubuntu, Pop!OS and Manjaro using Rufus and Etcher. I believe the USB drive has been the reason and it is defective. Towards the end of the day, the USB just stopped working, when I popped it in Windows will prompt the “need to reformat” warning. I may burn it too much.