That Annoying Xcode 15 IDELogRedirectionPolicy

    This issue will cause debugging on either device or simulator to slow down to a crawl. For future reference, here’s how I fixed it. Edit the current scheme by going to Manage Schemes. In your run scheme, add the environment variable IDELogRedirectionPolicy with a value of oslogToStdio. It should fix that issue now.

    Hobby Project -

    For my upcoming birthday, I decided to write a program just for the fun of it. My initial idea was just a simple script to convert a hex string to the words “Happy Birthday Law!”. But it’s too simple and I wanted to refresh some little Python at the same time. So I wrote a small decent program that will check if it is my birthday yet or if not it will ask if you want a dad joke instead.

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    Dynamic TableViewCell Height

    I'm going to demonstrate on how I achieved the dynamic height for my UITableViewCell. Below is what it looks like. This is a UITableViewCell for comments. ImageView on the left side is for the user's avatar, the top most UILabel is for the username and lastly at the bottom is the UILabel for comment. Yes don't mind the red warnings, that is by design. The important here is for the UITableViewCell height to expand with AutoLayout.

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    Code Refactoring: First Loom Video

    In programming, you always encounter duplicate code blocks. The best thing to do is to place it in a separate function so that we can reuse it throughout our source code. [](