• Diablo Immortal on Linux

    I was able to run Diablo Immortal on Linux, despite only being available on iOS, Android, and Windows. I know for a fact that I needed Wine to be able to run a Windows environment or application in Linux. But, I just found out you need to install Lutris too.

    For future reference, the steps are below. I am on Fedora.

    1. Install Wine
    sudo dnf install wine
    1. Install Lutris
    sudo dnf install lutris

    If Lutris won’t start, try installing it via Flatpak.

    1. Install Winetricks
    sudo dnf install winetricks
    1. Visit this Lutris Battle.net link and click on Install. It should display a dialog and click on continue. And just proceed and follow instructions.
    2. It took some time to figure out the perfect settings to run Battle.net, I was able to get a reference from this Reddit post. The settings that worked for me were, check the image below. Take note of the Wine version and the settings below it.
    • Latest Lutris Proton runner
    • DXVK Version 1.10L
    • VKD3D Version 2.6
    • D3D Extras Version 2
    • DXVK NVAPI Version 0.5.3

    And after all that, Battle.net should run after signing in.

  • Diablo Immortal

    My wife and I started playing Diablo Immortal yesterday and I’m so happy she’s enjoying it. I played my usual barbarian character while she played the wizard.

    I love how the graphics are so much improved and the storyline is solid same as the previous Diablo II PC game.

    I told my brother about the game because he was the one who introduced me to this game when we were just kids.

  • The Curse of Monkey Island Game Revisit

    Since the upcoming return of the game franchise, Monkey Island was everywhere on the gaming news. I’m not into games anymore, but I followed Ron Gilbert lately and I was frustrated by the backlash he was receiving.

    I think the animation is cool! Can’t wait to play it.

    I played The Curse of Monkey Island when I was in grade school. And it was my favorite game. I am now playing it again. I bought it on Steam for around 75 Philippine pesos or less than $2.

    I’m going to try to finish this game in a month, so I can play the next sequel.