Lawrence Gimenez

Gemini in Android Studio

While everyone is on the AI train, I am still somewhat skeptical. AI is everywhere, it has come to a point that I can’t escape it anymore. Maybe I am getting older. Or I feel like AI is for the new kids.

Last week I tried Gemini in Android Studio, and the more I use it, Gemini seems to adapt and learn how I code.

Today, I was writing a bookmarking feature and so far Gemini has been awesome in predicting the next code block.

Setting up my ViewModel, Gemini threw this suggestion which is correct.

I forgot how to return an array in Retrofit, and Gemini was correct again. Wow!

And now, the finishing touches to our ViewModel, the variable declarations.

I am impressed. I also expect Apple’s Xcode to follow suit with their upcoming WWDC. AI in Xcode would be very interesting. But, I am still not Xcode’s biggest fan.