Lawrence Gimenez

WWDC 2023

I just realized that I have not written something or anything about Apple’s WWDC 2023. I was too busy catching up with the WWDC sessions and some fatherly stuff I have to deal with.

Overall, I am impressed by the event and the news coming out of it. I just want to write down a couple of thoughts before I forget.

Xcode 15

Xcode 15 is buggy as hell. Running an emulator or preview makes my machine overheat. As of this writing, I am on the second beta release of Xcode 15, and still have the same overheating issue.


I installed the beta releases right away, iOS 17 and, Sonoma. My first actually. So I ended up not being able to release new versions on Xcode 14. Luckily, we are currently rewriting the app for the upcoming version of iOS and iPadOS 17. Remind me next time not to do this shit again.

Notes codeblock

Notes has already the long-awaited code block feature. For me, it is a sort of a code block-ish attempt, Apple called it monostyled. Now my code won’t look awkward anymore on my notes.

Symbols 5

It has been a joy to use Symbols 5 with its animations. But, I wish symbolEffect() will work inside TabView. I haven’t yet figured out how to make it work.

Assets static access

One of the best lowkey features of Xcode 15, I don’t have to risk misspelling my assets while accessing them in my code.


I can’t wait to play with SwiftUI animations, SwiftData, and the not yet released TipKit. And Macros.