Lawrence Gimenez

Thoughts on Stack Overflow 2023 Survey

Note: I always participate in this survey every year.

Developer Type

On the developer type question, there is only 3.38% that consider themselves mobile developers. This is good I think? It means less competition for me. It has almost the same percentage as students.


The Philippines has only 0.4% of the respondents who participated in this survey.


My age bracket is still a significant percentage of the professional developer category.

Programming Language

I code in Kotlin and Swift professionally. Kotlin still holds a significant lead over Swift.

Other Frameworks

I believe this is the first time SwiftUI has appeared in the other frameworks section. As someone who’s coding on SwiftUI for the past several months, this is a huge step and hopefully will continue to increase significantly in the next several years.


I agree with this one, Android Studio is way much better and more fun to use than Xcode.