Lawrence Gimenez

dSYM workaround in Xcode 14

Starting with Xcode 14, Bitcode has been deprecated. So, in our team’s case, it is impossible to download dSYM files for debugging crash logs. If you are using Crashlytics or Bugsnag, this is a requirement to make sense of the received crash logs from iOS.

But there is a workaround. Previously, all you have to do was go to App Store Connect and download the dSYMs directly from there. But that option is not available anymore.

But there is a workaround.


Open the Window organizer in your Xcode and go to the Archive option and right-click on a particular build. Then, select Show in Finder option.

You will see files with .xcarchive extensions. Right-click on one of those and select Show Package Contents. There you will see a dSYMs folder. It should contain the dSYMs file needed for your debugging.