Lawrence Gimenez

Underwhelming Google I/O 2023

After watching half of the Google I/O Keynote, I had to close the video because it was starting to bore me. There was no excitement for me, AI/ML is a topic I am not interested in. I took notes of the keynote while watching, and I just wanted to publish it here for keepsake purposes.

Google IO 2023 Notes


  • So many AI/ML keynotes and features. Not interested. Bard? Does not interest me.
  • Bard is available now in 180 countries. Philippines?
  • Why would I like to edit photos? It seems fake.
  • Help me write. Nice, now spams will feel more real.
  • There is gonna be AI also in Google Search. Does this means I don’t have to concatenate “Reddit” in every search query?
  • AI on Google Cloud. Of course. Google AI.
  • AI on Android.

Stuffs to check out

  • Android design hub: UI Design  |  Android Developers
  • Download Android Studio beta**