Lawrence Gimenez

Thank you Android!

I just finished reading Androids by Chet Haase, about the development journey of the Android platform towards the 1.0 release. First of all, this book is important to me.

Besides that I am currently an Android developer myself but because I started my passion in professional programming as an Android developer back in 2011. Technically I started as a PHP programmer but I hated it back then.

Look, I am not in Silicon Valley or the USA, I am in a small city in the Philippines where doctors and engineers are more prestigious than programmers. When someone asks me what I do for a living, I tend to pause and try to select either Android Developer (people confused me with land or house developer), programmer, software developer (too general), I.T. (I don’t know how to fix your printer) or software engineer (too fancy). Most people think that by taking a course in I.T. that you will end up working in a cafe. No offense but that is just a silly misrepresentation of the course I graduated.

My point is I just want to thank Google and all the guys for creating the Android platform for me to develop apps on and make a decent living and raise a family.

Anyway, the book is a must-read for every Android developer. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes and developers behind the development of Android. As well the business decisions.