This week was all about Google I/O and this year was my 9th year watching the event. I enjoyed this year’s event compared to the last 2-3 years. It reminded me of when Google introduced Holo theme and Material Design. This year they introduced Material You.

On the technical side, they introduced a bunch of updates to Jetpack and Jetpack Compose. And I’m excited to migrate some of my old codebases to Jetpack.

Last year, I didn’t pay much attention to Android Architecture Components. It was too much for me and I’m not convinced with the architecture. I was anticipating more like SwiftUI and when they introduced Jetpack Compose I was glad I waited and didn’t jump right away to AAC.

I also enjoyed participating in the virtual Google Adventures. I visited Android Auto ha! I can't wait to go through and learn all the new technologies in the coming days.