Lawrence Gimenez

Bintray Shutting Down

Next month, JFrog will shut down JCenter and Bintray and my experience with their service will go along with them.

Before Gradle, and all this new Android artifacts/dependencies repositories, Bintray was the most popular back in 2015. During that year, I was able to publish an Android package called Networking Valley, it's still open source to this day. I called it Networking Valley to pay homage to a popular mobile game called Monumental Valley.

Networking Valley is a networking library for Android built using a combination of both Volley and OkHttp. You can use this on both HTTP and HTTPS request.

You might be wondering what's up with "both HTTP and HTTPS". See back in 2015, HTTPS wasn't really widespread. You can publish an app with an HTTP backend, if I remember that right. So I wrote a networking library where I can "pin" an SSL certificate to every HTTP request. This library was very crucial because we used and generated a lot of self-signed SSL certificates and existing networking libraries don't really support it.