Lawrence Gimenez

2020 Was a Mixed Year

Mixed year because as good as the metrics are compared to last year, it saddens me that a huge number of people are laid off and companies closed because of Covid-19. Hopefully 2021 will be different. Here's a sneak peek of the app metrics during lockdown.

In terms of number of installations, active devices and overall metrics, experienced significant gains throughout the year 2020. I rewrote the app, from React Native to Swift, back in January 2020 and released the new version a month after. Same with Android, I rewrote it from React Native to Kotlin and released it a month after iOS release date.

Also in terms of UX design I also redesign the app to make it more in line with the platform's guidelines. Below are my initial sketches. My app inspirations for this redesign were VSCO (very evident on the menu) and Apollo.


As you can see on the graphs, May - July 2020 was peak lockdown because of Covid-19. I also assumed many were laid off and installed app to look for jobs and new opportunities.

Same metrics with Sessions, May - July 2020 had a significant bump on installations during peak lockdown.

Impressions metrics also saw a significant bump. These are the number of times the app showed up on the App Store.

Android for Android also saw a huge bump on metrics and still continues to rise.

Android app also, during May - July 2020, saw an increase in new users during lockdown.


For 2021, new versions are coming for iOS. Significant fixes for Android too.

I am aware that the for Android needs major improvements and fixes, I received a large number of issues and crashes and I am looking forward to resolve it for 2021. Apologies if you are affected and know that I am hard at work on resolving them. Thank you for using the app. If you have any questions, issues or crashes you can email me directly at