My 2022 Favorite Tracks

It’s that time of the year to recap my favorite music, visuals, and records for this year, in no particular order or category.

Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry has been my favorite hip-hop artist post-Kdot (Kendrick Lamar). I first heard of him with his project with Kenny Beats called Unlocked.

This track is fire, but his overall album is underwhelming for me.


The last time I heard of Botch, I was about to finish high school. For me, they are one of the pioneers of a sub-genre of hardcore called mathcore, calculuscore, or whatever. I’m excited about their upcoming album if there is any.

Drug Church

I just discovered this band this year. This might be for me the track of the year.

Hot Water Music

I’m a huge fan of Hot Water Music. Also, Chuck Ragan is one of my favorite vocals in punk.


Fire but I sense a little occult vibe.


Speaking of occult vibe. These guys for me put out the album of the year called DEATHWESTERN.

I liked the whole album and this visual should win MTV’s hard rock video of the year. There’s no MTV awards anymore I think.


Inclination is starting to become the flag bearers of straight-edge hardcore. Look at all the X on everyone’s hands. This track is fire. But the rest of the album is kind of anti-vax, right-wingish. Not my kind of politics.


This beat is sick. This might not be Ab-Soul’s best lyrically.

Kendrick Lamar

This is automatic.

Rise Against

I like the track but the visual is so cringe.

Gang Called Speed

The most popular hardcore band this 2022. Runner up album of the year for me.

Asap Rocky

Visual of the year.

Special Mentions